The second version, a loud yellow of DJ & producerteam ROBOSONIC, brings the PUNCHI back to where it came from: the dance floor and the stage. With their “dance entertainment for junkies & joggers” and the BKI-Podcast, Cord and Sacha play a vital role in the international field of quadratic dancemusic.
Their sporty attitude, a true passion for “punchipunchi”-music (Spanish slang for 4-to-the-floor) and a frequently washed yellow towel became the source of inspiration for the PUNCHI-cooperation. The towelling scarf worked as a smooth medium for “The Punchi EP”. Digitally available, the scarf is sold out!
Hard Facts
· personal drying assistant
· towelling scarf
· multi-function
· born in Berlin
· ± 175 x 20cm
· 100% cotton
· machine wash at 60°C

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